Note: Participating farmers differ from season to season and some may only participate for a partial season. That means along with some returning favorites you’ll likely see some new faces, and you may only see certain farmers for a limited time.

Alpine Made | Soap, beauty products
Becker Farms (Vizcarra) | Fruit, veggies, pie, wine
BriteSmith Brewing | Craft Beer
Child’s Blueberries | Blueberries
Djuana Munn Skincare | Skincare Products
Dragonfly Jams & Jellies | Jams, jellies
Eden Valley Creamery | Cheese, cheese curds
Fransylvania | Maple products
Goodman Farms LLC | Organic fruits, vegetables
Green Heron Growers | Beef, chicken, mushrooms, veggies, fruit
Kornerstone Coffee | Coffee
Lilly Belle Meads | Mead Wine, Brewing kits
Mmm Cookies & Cupcakes | Specialty cookies, cupcakes
Mrowka Farms | Veggies, mostly potatoes
Mrs. Konopa’s Preserved Fruit | Jams, jellies
Plato Dale Farm | Beef, chicken, vegetables
Providence Creek Farm | Chicken, pork, eggs
Rooted Locally | Microgreens
Seabert Farms | Veggies, fruit
Senek Farms | Veggies, fruit
Summertime Blooms | Flowers
The Kernel | Popcorn